Shopping Trolley - Ocean Fantasy

Shopping Trolley - Ocean Fantasy

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Great folding shopping cart, from the Ocean Fantasy collection. Ideal to accompany parents to the market, it is a toy, but you can include lightweight items. Soft colors and pink tones, for a shopping cart with all the details. Rounded plastic handle to prevent accidents and a practical back pocket with zipper to store the most important items.

Folding two-wheel trolley, so you can store it behind a door, for example. It occupies little space, is light and manageable. A fantastic toy, with which children will have a great time, every time they have to accompany their parents to the purchase.

Approximate item dimensions: 66cm high x 36cm wide x 30cm long.

The pack includes: 1 folding shopping cart from the Ocean Fantasy collection with two wheels.

Recommended age for use: + 3 years.

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